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Tonewood Ordering

To order tonewood, please fill out the form below, including the Product Code, Instrument Type, Wood Species, and number of sets or amount that you wish to order. You can see what items are available, along with their respective prices, on the wood pricing page.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed. The Product Code is case sensitive and must be accurate to produce the correct results. Please note that you must select one Currency option before submitting the form.

Submitting this form will bring up new window with your total wood order, including any volume discounts applicable. Confirming the order will email it to me. I will then calculate the shipping and handling costs and add it to the wood cost, and I will email or telephone you with the total order cost. Upon confirmation and payment from you, I will ship the order within 48 hours.

Note: No payment is required at this time. If you have already received a total order amount (including shipping) back from me after submitting an order, you may proceed to this page to complete a PayPal transaction.

Select Currency

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Order Form

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